The author (me) grew up hiding from the heat and humidity of New Jersey summers in the air-conditioned wonderfulness of the local public library. There I developed a lifelong love for history books, particularly the kind that enabled me to learn (never one of my strengths) without my even knowing it: historical fiction. That love (and learning) continued at Gettysburg College where my professor (noted Lincoln Scholar Gabor Boritt) assigned the book, “Killer Angels” by Michael Shaara as required reading. I got a “C” on the Battle of Gettysburg test because I rehashed the entire book from memory, but completely ignored any issues not addressed by Michael Shaara. (Not finishing the other required readings also proved to be a minor impediment.)

After college, I spent five wonderful years living and working in Japan where every Friday I met a group of Scots, Englishmen, and a particularly curmudgeonly Welshman for beers at a Pub in Kyoto. They are the source of inspiration for several of my characters. At some point I decided that sadly, teaching English, drinking, and hanging out with friends did not seem like a stellar long-term career choice so I returned to the United States. I now live in Southern California with a particularly curmudgeonly Bullmastiff who does not seem convinced that writing novels is a stellar long-term career choice either.